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Someday all schools will be like ours

Nature and food

nature and food

The healthiest environment in which your children can develop at this stage. 100% organic food designed with love by our nutritionist, our chef and our cooks. The children will breathe the pure air of the Guadarrama Natural Park.


At the gates of the Regional Park of the Sierra de Guadarrama, your children will enjoy a unique environment in the middle of nature, where our students go out to explore and learn.

Food is key to our vision of instilling healthy living from the earliest ages. We carefully select the products (seasonal, proximity, animal friendly) that our chef cooks daily in a space that everyone likes to visit.


The general menu is lactose-free, gluten-free and sugar-free, and there is a vegan alternative; we defend the Harvard plate as a measure of a healthy diet (50% raw and cooked vegetables, 30% animal or vegetable protein and 20% tubers or cereal (mainly rice), accompanied by healthy fats (EVOO, avocado or nuts).

Just 100 meters from a forest of holm oaks, we usually go for a walk “up the Hill”, to a small hill nearby. The weather rarely prevents us from enjoying the activities, since our Dragonflies are well equipped and love to enjoy the outdoors.

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